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The Women of "Ageless" Style

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It’s not your great grandmother’s world anymore – it’s not even your grandmother’s world. This change isn’t new or something that is just building momentum.  It’s now the time for ageless women to shine. They aren't trying to be "young" again, women over 40 are embracing who they are and looking and feeling good in the process.

It started gradually over the years. Baby boomers and generation X women deciding to age in a new way. Who says you can’t adapt that latest fashion trend to your look? Long hair? No need to cut that off. High heels? Hell, yes! We all remember a time growing up when we were told that after a certain age you should not wear – jeans, high heels, shorter shirts – the list goes on. Maybe you even know someone today that recently repeated one of these lines. Yet you also probably know 40+ women that share clothes with their daughters and look great in that short shirt. It just depends on the woman.

The "Ageless" Movement

It makes sense that this “ageless” movement started with the baby boomers and further evolved with generation X. These were the women that burnt their bras, stepped out into the workforce en masse, started the exercise craze and enabled the “stay at home dad” trend.  Many of these boomer and gen X women created and maintained a style that became “ageless” as the years went on, founding a movement within the fashion world called “ageless fashion” that blurs the generational gaps and rejects old fashion rules. This trend is now mainstream, a recent issue of Vogue featured 73-year-old Lauren Hutton on the cover. These women are active, relevant and in good beauty and physical health, and it all comes together with their clothing, shoes and accessories to create their ultimate look – and that look, looks good.

As Courtney Shea says in “In A World Embracing “Ageless Fashion,” Is 80 the New 20” for

“In 2016, 50-year-old tech entrepreneur Gina Pell coined the term “Perennial” to describe individuals of various ages linked by the desire to live in the present and keep up with trends and technology and the refusal to be defined by their birth year.”

Birth of "Ageless" Fashion

Turns out “ageless fashion” is just that – it’s not about “age” – instead it’s about staying engaged, active and relevant. It is eliminating “age appropriate” as a filter for fashion or beauty and introducing the new filter that is simply what looks and feels good on you right now. We finally understand that age is not something you should fight or that should send you on a mission to turn back the clock. Instead, it is a celebration of who you are and where you have been. The beauty and health products along with fashionable clothes are there throughout your life to help you look and feel the best you can at the age you are.

This "ageless" movement is a breath of fresh air when you consider the “invisible women syndrome” where women of a certain age state they begin to feel invisible - what they do, say and how they look doesn’t matter anymore. Shea says

“…women continue to experience appearance-based judgment and ageism at rates that vastly outpace their male counterparts…In this context, it’s easy to see why a mature woman might be all too happy to throw on a pair of Vans if that means maintaining her status as a valuable member of society. But she shouldn’t have to.” 

Granted there is still much work to be done. No women should “have to” wear anything or step out of her style to be “visible” again. Anything can go too far, and while "ageless" celebrates looking good for your age, it needs to be balanced with recognizing the where you have been and embracing who you are. Some may say that patterning yourself after the latest trends are applauding the wrong thing. But all things in balance, if we recognize that fashion is one part of the elements that make us look and feel good (beauty, healthy, mind & fashion), then fashion helps us to express ourselves. Even if you say you’re not into fashion and you wear sweatshirts every day (we all have them!) then my dear, sweatshirts are your fashion style. Ultimately, we are doing nothing different than we did in our 20’s and 30’s. Back then we used the trends to create our look, and now we are choosing not to stop because we had a particular birthday, and isn’t that the true definition of "ageless?"

Find Your "Ageless Fashion" Style

For more “ageless fashion” inspiration. Check out Harper Bazaar’s “The Ultimate Style Secrets of Ageless Women


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