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The Trend Lives On: How to Master the Graphic Tee Over 40

mastering the graphic tee zosiabeauty

Graphic tees have been all the rage for a few years now, a trend that seems to live on and is continually a part of each season's looks. It's so popular, the graphic tee replaced the button up shirt in some cases and became a garment that went from underwear or something we wore to wash the car to a chic wardrobe staple.  

One of the reasons graphic tees may be loved so much is that they span casual comfort, chic style and most importantly self-expression, whether that expression is a fun statement or graphic that tells the world a little about you or one that gives your political views a voice. One of the most famous graphic tee moments may be the Women’s March in 2017, and the graphic tees that read “the future is female” or “never the less, she persisted.”

As Emilia Petrarca writes for The Cut in "The Graphic Tee Shirts that Defined the Year:”

T-shirts are a blank canvas in a culture where we try to communicate huge, complex personal beliefs via carefully-curated images, viral hashtags, and 140 (sometimes 280) characters. In fashion, the T-shirt has also become an integral part of the current athleisure movement, replacing button-ups as we trade suits for more casual uniform.

Underscoring the graphic tee trend's longevity, Cordelia Tai writes in “32 Graphic Tee Shirts Every Girl Will be Wearing This Spring,” for The Fashion Spot:

And if the Spring 2018 collections are any indication, fashion’s graphic tee obsession is going nowhere fast. Case in point: Sasha Pivovarova opened the Dior show in a soon-to-be-released-and-go-viral Breton-striped shirt that read, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

You may think the trend isn't for you or even if you find a shirt you love, you're too old to participate, but there are many ways to incorporate the trend in a simple polished way and add a bit of self-expression to any outfit. There are also many examples of women over 40 rocking this trend.

Make the graphic tee your own with these top 5 ways to wear it over 40:

mastering the graphic tee over 40 zosiabeauty
  1. Dress it up under a blazer or jean jacket – super cute to wear a graphic tee under a more formal blazer or jean jacket – the jacket dresses up the outfit, and the graphic tee keeps it modern and expressive
  2. Pair a graphic tee with a maxi or pencil skirt – heels, a pencil skirt, graphic tee and a jacket is fresh look and again balances dressy with casual. Same with a maxi skirt paired with a cute graphic tee and sandals
  3. Simple joggers with a graphic tee – a modern take on a casual outfit and great for fall Saturday shopping
  4. Leather or dressy pants, graphic tee and cardigan/wrap sweater – chic but professional enough to wear to the office (casual day!), pair it with heels and let the sweater hang open
  5. The good old-fashioned way – jeans or jean shorts and a graphic tee – pure 1970's comfort yet entirely in style today

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