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"You Are," "You Can," "You Will" - Believing in Yourself

Believing in Yourself and Overcoming Self-Doubt zosia beauty

The longer you live, the more you understand there are ups and downs in life. Things that go well, and things tried that could have gone better. The trick is to not let the down moments or past mistakes keep you from taking risks to following your dreams - however big or small they may be. Mistakes are OK; they are opportunities to learn and do better next time. Don’t let self-doubt hold your life back.

Taking the first step to follow your dreams often means putting yourself “out there”, and that can be scary. That little voice in your head (which can tend to be negative) can take over. We have all been there, “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t” or “I won’t”. But how will you know if you don’t try? Here are some quick tips to help you believe in yourself; and to take the risk or make the changes allowing you to follow your dreams.

3 Tips to Help You Overcome Self-Doubt: 

Make a list of your past accomplishments – Sitting down and writing out a list of your successes will help you to see and remember when things went well for you. Include any time throughout your life when you excelled at a skill or project. While you make this list, look for common patterns in the activities to identify circumstances that helped you to succeed.

Identify and acknowledge your self-doubts - It is normal to have self-doubts or second thoughts when you embark on a major change; but allowing the same negative thoughts to repeat in your head, and not really acknowledging them, will not help you move forward. Instead, sit in a calm space and think through your concerns (or write them down), fully acknowledge them and brainstorm alternative outcomes or ways to overcome them. Use positive affirming statements such as “I can…”, “I will…” to help you set the negative thought aside. For more on positive thinking, see our article “Improve Your Outlook with Positive Thinking”.

Don’t listen to people that bring you down – Instead seek out people that love you and have supported you in the past. Putting any stock in someone that is negative or constantly telling you what you can’t do, will do nothing but hold you back. Seek out your supporters and talk through what you want to accomplish, and what your fears or concerns are. Talking to someone that loves you will help you see the positive side of things, and most likely this person will remind you of your past successes.

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