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Five Ways for Women to Build Self-Confidence

Five Ways for Women to Build Self-Confidence zosia beauty

Strong self-confidence is an important quality, but it can be a hard one for women to build.

From an early age, women are often taught to be more careful and passive than their male counterparts. They tend to focus on caring for, and putting others first. When women have any uncertainty around a new skill or something they want to accomplish, the learned reaction tends to be holding back or to worry, vs. taking the risk to dive in. 

Women are strong communicators and care givers (among a plethora of other skills) and are capable of accomplishing so much. Building strong self-confidence can help to boost your natural abilities to the next level. In history and in our lives, there are many examples of accomplished women that display great self-confidence, but that can be intimidating too. If you are not sure how to start, here are some tips from the experts on how to work on building up your own self-confidence:

1. Take Responsibility for Yourself

All the experts agree; the first step to improved self-confidence is owning who you are, and what you will accomplish. If you are waiting for someone (husband, friend, boss) or something to make things happen, you won't build the self-confidence you need to make a difference in your life. Starting today, own your future!

2. Be True to Yourself

No one will believe in you, unless you do. Building strong self-confidence doesn't mean talking first in a group setting, or telling yourself you are the best. Self-confidence starts with holding up what makes you different. Being willing to stand for your beliefs in your own unique way, and using that difference. It is OK to be you, and to have your own feminine style. 

3. Don't Be Afraid to Take Risks

Try something new. Experiment in life. It will require that you expand your skills and will give you a new experience. If you wait until everything is perfect or you hold back out of fear, you will not only miss an opportunity to build self-confidence, but you may miss out on doing something that could be amazing!

4. Stop Worrying So Much

Does it really matter what the guy three seats over thought about your comment in that last meeting? Most likely he's already moved on. When you begin to take some risks and are being true to yourself and your uniqueness, you have to stop worrying so much about what other people think about you. Don't overthink or ruminate. You are you, and that is good and OK.

5. Get a Mentor and Build a Plan

Finding a mentor can also help. Look for someone with self-confidence who you admire, or someone that took a risk. Ask them to have coffee with you to discuss what they do to build self-confidence. Pick one or two things you will work on to build your self-confidence, such as a specific skill at work (speaking up in meetings, making your opinion heard with your boss, attending that volunteer meeting) or mastering a new sport or hobby, and work on that. Once you have mastered that skill or project, move on to the next thing. Don't give up, practice makes perfect.

Building self-confidence isn't something you fix overnight, or even all at once. It is a life-long pursuit. Think about your life and where you'd like to make improvements, then build a plan, one step at a time.

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