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Take It One Thing At a Time

Practice One Thing At a Time zosia beauty

We are all busy. Constantly moving and doing. Even when we have the "day off" and are supposedly taking a moment for ourselves - we are simultaneously watching the news, checking our phones and going through the days activities with our significant other. But what if we just concentrated on one thing? In "The Practice of One Thing at a Time," the author talks about the power of being fully present as an enlightened activity that allows us to express our true selves. When is the last time you watched your favorite show and didn't check your phone? Or you had a conversation with another person and that's all you did - no multi-tasking? Focusing on being fully in the moment can increase our mindfulness by helping us to better understand ourselves, and to fully appreciate the world around us.  

To read the full article, and for tips on how to practice doing one thing at a time, visit:

ZenHabits.net: The Practice of One Thing At a Time

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