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Women Tell Us What It Means to Be Ageless

Women Tell Us What It Means to Look and Feel Your Best at the Age You Are zosia beauty

Many women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond put looking and feeling their best as one of the most important things for living life to its fullest.

At Zosia, staying active, looking great and being true to yourself is our number one concern. We believe taking care of your body, mind and beauty is key to being the best version of yourself at the age you are. 

We wanted to know what women like you think, so we surveyed 100’s of women ages 40 to 69, asking them what it means to be the best version of yourself age 40 and beyond. Here’s a summary of what they said:

“Having fun at any age” – Age 50’s, TN

“Looking healthy, beautiful but age appropriate” – Age 40’s, FL

“Feeling good about yourself” – Age 50’s, MN

“Looking natural and not over doing makeup - loving who you are” – Age 60’s, MA

“Still young at heart” – Age 40’s, TX

“Doing the best I can to take care of my skin, my body, my health, and my attitude, no matter what age I am” – Age 50’s, TX

“Being the best I can be, whatever my age” – Age 60’s, KY

“Looking the best that I can, but more importantly using what I have learned throughout the years to help others” – Age 40’s, LA

“No surgery or injections, just embracing the wrinkles that show up, but not giving up on good skin care, either” – Age 40’s, WA

“That you embrace getting older, and making the most of what you have” – Age 50’s, CA

“Looking and acting as young as you feel” – Age 40’s, NY

“Looking the best that you can by taking care of your body, soul and mind” – Age 50’s, IN

“Looking and feeling good when you are over 65” – Age 60’s, CA

“Growing smarter, but not showing my age” – Age 40’s, AK

“While accepting of aging, trying to stay as healthy and current as possible” – Age 50’s, NJ

“Looking good for my age, trying to stave off signs of aging, but not doing any drastic procedures” – Age 60’s, PA

“Taking care of yourself” – Age 40’s, AZ

“Feeling good and looking as good as I can for my age. Being comfortable with myself at my age” – Age 50’s, WI

“Helping yourself to be your absolute best at every age” – Age 50’s, CT

“Keeping beauty relevant to my age or less” – Age 60’s, NY

“Ability to look my best for as long as I can, well into my older years!” – Age 40’s, MN

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