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8 Ways to Relax on Vacation

8 Ways to Relax on Vacation Zosia Beauty

Summer is the time for family vacations and relaxing, right?  Everyone is different, and to some a challenging adventure is exactly what they are looking for… But for those who are looking to simply “chill”, vacations can sometimes end up being more stressful than relaxing. Here are eight tips to help you maximize the “relaxation factor” on your next vacation, so you come back refreshed and ready to go!

1.  Pick the Right Vacation Location 

Make sure you want to go there. Think of places that calm your spirit and will help you relax. A study by Gallop revealed 54% of people return from vacation feeling tired. People often sleep less on vacations, as they stay up late, disrupting their normal sleep habits. Some travel to see relatives, but many times those are most stressful – so you may want to acknowledge them some other way.  

2.  Prepare to Go

Make sure you finish any pending projects or extend deadlines until you return.  Take care of the household to-do’s (bills, maintenance) so while you are gone you aren’t worrying about that or trying to take care of it long distance.

3.  Set and Stay within Budget

Plan what your budget will be, and how you will pay for the vacation.  Stay within budget – no one can relax while they are worried about money.

4.  Don’t Over Schedule Yourself

Many destinations have lots of historic or interesting sites or events, but be realistic about what you can get to without rushing – this will allow you to see the sites and be relaxed while doing so.

5.  Savor the Moment

Agree with family or friends on what to see. Let each person choose one or two sites/events; that way you avoid last minute negotiations and wasting precious time.

6.  Be Flexible

The unexpected happens when on vacation. If you remain flexible and calm, you can stay relaxed, and take advantage of some great opportunities!

7.  Take Time for You

Even on vacation it is important to have “me time”. Traveling with family or friends can put many responsibilities on you. Find time early in the morning to go for a solo swim, or sit with your glass of wine in the evening. These moments will help you to relax and decompress from the day.

8.  Ease Back into Reality

You are back, and need to hit the ground running, right?  Try to hold off the pressure immediately when you return; 1) delay unpacking or doing the laundry for a day to two, 2) try to set your schedule so you can go into work ½ hour later the first day back, 3) ask everyone in the family to take on some of the responsibility of getting back to the daily schedule…this will help you prolong that relaxed, calm, vacation feeling.

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