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The Balancing Act: Career, Life and Children

The Balancing Act: Career, Life and Children

By the time that you are in your 40’s, you have been balancing life, career and probably kids, for a while. But the 40’s and 50’s are often our peak financial earning years, have other personal demands such as volunteering or caring for aging parents, and possibly include school-age children (with all their activities) to raise. So, what’s the best way to cope with the stress? Here are three tips to help maintain some balance:

1.    Prioritize What is Important to You

You want to do it all, but no one can. Select a few things that you want to focus on, and do them well. Whether it is the kid’s activities, starting a new exercise routine, or remodeling the kitchen; doing a few things well, and setting achievable goals will give you balance and reduce the stress. And remember, nobody can be perfect at everything.

2.   Stick to a Schedule

The best way to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, is to make a written schedule and stick to it. A schedule will help you to manage time and prioritize your important events; such as leaving work one night each week at a specific time to meet up with your family, or setting a completion date for a major project and then manageable steps each week to meet the goal.  Weekly progress is a great motivator!

3.   Schedule Time Out for You

Give yourself a break. The best way to make sure you can keep up with the rush of life, is to be balanced and rested. Scheduling time for yourself is important, and doesn’t have to entail traveling away for the weekend. Treat yourself to a night out with friends, quiet time in a bath to relax, or go for a well-deserved massage. Small indulgences can be just enough to refresh your mojo.

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