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The Ageless Journey in Search of the Meaning of Life

The Ageless Journey in Search of the Meaning of Life zosia beauty

At Zosia, we believe age is just a number.

This becomes even more significant as people are living longer, giving each of us the meaningful opportunity to define what is important at any given point in our lives. We no longer need to think, "I've just turned (fill in an age) so I can't (or won't) do that anymore," or "I should have done, or accomplished this by now." These old age-defined measures are not valid definitions of our lives anymore.

What if each part of our life is meant for us to enjoy or learn from new situations? Such as being in school, having a child, starting a new job or business, learning a new hobby, or ending a situation that doesn't work for us anymore? Under this type of thinking, we can define what is important, and how we will live and interact at any point. Doing that helps us to live in the moment, enjoy the journey and ultimately live life with "joie de vivre."

Maybe the meaning of life isn't any one thing, one accomplishment, or age-related milestone - maybe it is how we live the journey itself.

Read more about the aging and finding the meaning of life at: Age is Meaningless if You are Seeking Meaning in Life

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