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Five Life Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Five Life Health Benefits of Having a Pet zosia beauty

Many studies have proven the benefits of having a furry best friend at home. Fido quickly becomes a friend that is always there; happy to see you, no matter what has happened or how you feel.

Here are five reasons to own a pet:

1.  Lower Anxiety and Reduce Stress 

Petting an animal can lower your heart rate and release dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood.

2. Increase Activity

Owning a pet requires you to care for the animal (which can include daily walks or playtime) building more exercise into your day.

3.  Companionship

Pets are always there to talk, play and interact with you - giving you unconditional love. These interactions can help to boost your morale, give your life joy and help to overcome any feelings of isolation and loneliness.

4.   Social Connection

Pets can be the best way to meet new people. Chatting with other pet owners at the dog park or in training class about your furry friends, can result in new human friends for you, or a daily outing that you can look forward to.

5.  Responsibility

Pets are always there. Caring for a pet on a schedule, can help give you a sense of meaning which helps to boost self-esteem.

Read more about the benefits of pets at: The Health Benefits of Pets

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