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9 Health Habits for Women 50 Plus

9 health habits for women 50 plus zosia beauty

You've been practicing healthy eating and exercising all of your life, but once you hit fifty managing changes like menopause can make you start thinking about other changes or additions you should add to your wellness self-care plan (learn more about the wellness self-care trend here). Staying active is directly connected to living a long healthy life, but a wholistic self-care plan looks at the connections between your physical and mental self and adjustments you need to make throughout your years to ensure you're on track to make the 50's and beyond fabulous.  

Increased risks for diseases such as heart disease and colon cancer become an issue in the fifties; at the same time menopause is changing you and now you're dealing with hot flashes, increased risk of weight gain (learn more about losing weight after 50 here) and other symptoms. You may find that recovery time from your regular exercise may need to increase or you need to adjust your routine. All of these changes are real and you find yourself needing an adjusted self-care plan. With the help of the Office of Women's Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, Prevention Magazine has put together a list of nine things you can build into your lifestyle now to help prevent health issues and live well.

"Establish the following 9 preventive habits now and you'll not only counter these changes—you'll stay healthier, sharper, more energetic, and more fulfilled for years to come."

Visit "9 Things Every Woman in Her 50's Should Do," at Prevention Magazine for the list of things to build into your life. Take care of yourself and adjust as you need to through the years, but remember you are accomplished, active and ageless, so you've got this.

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