The Power of Plant Stem Cells - Lilium Candidum Leaf Cell Extract

The Power of Plant Stem Cells - Lilium Candidum Leaf Cell Extract

The more science learns about plants, the more amazing they are. The plant stem cell is nature's source of vitality, a unique mechanism that empowers plants to withstand harsh environmental stresses preserving life and giving plants the ability to self-renew. When applied to skincare, plant stem cells can help heal and rejuvenate skin.

An Ancient Cultivated Flower

Enter Lilium Candidum Leaf Cell Extract (otherwise known as Madonna Lily). A flower that has come to represent a symbol of purity and power in many cultures because of its beautiful white blossom. It is among the oldest ornamental plants and a native of the Balkans and the Middle East, which is now naturalized in Europe and North America as a favorite garden flower.

Madonna Lilly has been cultivated for an astonishing 3,000 years in Egypt and Rome for its exceptional fragrance, a sweet smell that is stronger in the evening. Over the years, it has continued use as a primary component in contemporary perfumes. 

Madonna Lily Nature's Skin Brightener

This amazing plant also has other more serious skin benefits. Madonna Lilly is known to interfere with the skin's transfer of melanin to help brighten skin and prevent and decrease dark spots, as well as contribute to a more even skin tone.  It also helps regenerate and increase cell renewal which reduces the signs of aging and gives skin radiance.

How It Works In the Skin  

Melanocytes (cells located in the basal layer of skin) make melanin (pigment in skin and hair that absorbs UV rays). The melanin is transferred to keratinocytes (another cell type in the epidermis) through melanosomes (little cellular storage and transfer areas) that fill up with melanin while developing. Most of the pigment you see in your skin is from the keratinocytes. Madonna Lily stem cells interfere with the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes and limit the build-up of melanin in your skin, which if left uninterrupted causes dark spots. At the same time, Madonna Lily boosts cell renewal helping to balance cells and to force melanin out of the epidermis faster.

Skincare by Zosia

At Zosia, our experts select each stem cell from different plants or fruits based on its unique beauty benefit. We combine the plant stem cells with proven scientific actives to create clean formulas that represent the best of nature and science with fantastic results. Lilium Candidum Leaf Cell Extract (Madonna Lily) is found in Zosia’s Power Boost Serum.

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