Classic Beauty Secrets to Look Put Together and Polished

Classic Beauty Secrets to Look Put Together and Polished

We all know a well put together woman that always looks good. Things seem to fall into place for her effortlessly, yet we assume that she must spend hours working on her skin, hair and style. Trying new beauty things is a constant, but we all have rituals that have always worked, and we often revert to them throughout the years.

Maintaining your beauty and creating that pulled together look doesn’t have to take immense effort or involve a complicated process. It’s even possible to look polished on a budget. Many of the best tips are the classic ones – passed down over the decades and proven to work. We’ve compiled a list of "tried and true" tips to help you easily achieve a modern, natural and polished look.

7 Low-effort Beauty Tips to Look Put Together and Polished

Head to the master bathroom, put on your favorite music and give these classic beauty tips a try. There's sure to be a few that resonate with you.

  1. Wash Your Face Every Night – take the time to do this step. Yes, washing your face sounds so fundamental, but after a long day or getting home late, many women skip this step. It is so easy to do and such a critical part of a healthy skin routine. Over time neglecting to wash your face before you go to sleep has a negative impact on your skin, causing it to hold onto free radicals (molecules caused by pollution, UV rays or stress) which cause the breakdown of collagen that results in wrinkles! Dirt and old makeup also clog your pores causing breakouts. So wash that face – an easy step to ensure your skin looks great and ages well.

  2. Skincare Is More Important Than Makeup – great skin gives you a polished, radiant look. No amount of makeup can change or completely cover up aging skin. A solid skincare routine helps your skin to be healthy and reduces aging concerns. When skin is in excellent condition, it creates a solid canvas for your makeup allowing it to apply easier and look better. If you don’t have a skincare routine or are worried about how much effort this will take – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Creating a simple routine of at least four primary steps will greatly improve your skin. Read: “How To Build a Skincare Routine” for more.

  3. Let Your Hair Air Dry – Pick a couple of nights a week and ditch the blow dryer. Polished women look great but not perfect, sometimes leaving their hair in a loose natural style. Skipping the styling tools could be an issue if your hair doesn't dry all that well without heat– but the health of your hair will be better. Here's how to air dry natural hair, so it still looks great. If your hair tends to be more wiry or frizzy, you can apply a leave-in oil or serum to clean, damp hair to help calm the frizz and hydrate it. The experts recommend purchasing a silk pillow (these are also good for your skin - fewer wrinkles!) and going to bed with your hair damp (not wet). A silk pillow is very smooth so hair can easily move around on it, which causes less breakage and helps hair dry better because it doesn’t bunch up as much. You can put your hair up over the pillow or into a bun on the top of your head if it is long. In the morning, release the hair and touch up any strands that aren't cooperating, then style it in a messy loose fashion – on trend, simple and gives your hair a break.

  4. Keep Up with Your Cuts, Trims, Waxing and Nails – one of the secrets to being a "polished and pulled together" woman is keeping up with your salon visits. You know what it is like when you go too long without a haircut. Keeping hair trimmed, eyebrows shaped, waxing done and nails neat gives you a polished framework that you can apply your daily skin, makeup and style too.

  5. Less is More – too much or harsh makeup (especially as we age) can make you look older or dated. Simple and subtle is better. Select natural tones and seek technics specialized for midlife which will allow you to apply makeup in a flattering manner that won’t accentuate skin concerns you are trying to reduce. Pick one feature to play up with bolder color and keep the rest natural. Be careful of the eyebrows, eyeshadow and contouring – all things you can still do, but should be adjusted for older skin. For more read: “Midlife Makeup Tips for Ageless Beauty.”

  6. Go for the Classic Fragrances – wear a little fragrance each day. It will not only help to perk up your mood; you will also smell fantastic. Instead of just spraying it on your wrist or neck, try spraying a small amount in the air in front of you and walking through the “cloud," this will give your clothes a light fragrance and prevent a stain or too heavy of a scent. There are many classics to pick from, but for two of the most famous fragrances try Coco Chanel No. 5 or Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, there’s a reason they have topped the best sellers charts for years.

  7. Do Bath Therapy – the ritual of taking a bath spans cultures and time. It isn’t just about cleansing the body. There are many therapeutic benefits as well. Baths are known to lift your mood, help skin conditions, relieve muscle pain and help you to sleep better. Investing in some bath salts, soaks or oils that have skin benefits can help treat your body like your facial skin and make your bath a pleasurable “self-care” experience (and this one goes well with the relaxing music!).

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