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Face Masks Defined: What's Right for You?

Masks defined what's right for you zosia beauty

We're sure you know facial masks have been a hot trend for some time now. Innovations in masks have taken the category from a once and a while treat to an essential step in your weekly skin care routine working to correct or protect your skin. 

2018’s beauty trends reaffirm masks as a continued top trend, and they are now expanding into areas beyond the skin to include hair, eyes, body, hands and feet. To read more about 2018 beauty trends see our article, “2018 Beauty Trends for Ageless Women."

How to Use Face Masks

Masks offer a concentrated treatment you can use one to three times a week. They can be used to work on specific skin concerns, give your skin a shot of deep hydration or a mid-week boost of rejuvenation. They now come in many different forms with all sorts of benefits, so you can pick what works for your time and application preferences.

Masks shouldn't replace your use of serums or moisturizers. Instead, you should think of them as a supplement to your regular routine. Using different types of masks for various benefits is OK (not necessarily one after another on the same day), but if you plan to do a treatment two times a week, they can be different masks. 

When you select your mask, don’t skimp on quality. The popularity of masks means there are many types and price points on the market. Look for a mask that lists ingredients and benefits, are the preferred form of that kind of mask (see our chart below) and read the customer reviews. Masks need high-quality ingredients and the right form to give you the best benefits and avoid skin irritation. It is also essential to understand not only the end benefits but what type of mask works best for your skin type.

2018 Guide to Face Masks by Benefits and Skin Type 

Guide to face masks zosia beauty

Beyond Face Masks

Following another 2018 beauty trend, treating your body like your facial skin, masks continue to expand into new areas.  There are many new masks to explore. If you are looking for where to buy masks, start with your favorite beauty site and search some of the key types from this article. Here’s a list of our favorite new applications to get you started:

  • Eye masks that come in mini gel “sheets” you place under your eyes to reduce puffiness and wrinkles.
  • Clay masks for your body you can do at home available in a tube or jar. Known to absorb excess water and oil and tone your body’s skin. This can be a great pre "night out" treatment.
  • Neck and chest sheet masks you apply right to these areas to work on wrinkles, firming and hydration.
  • Hand masks in the form of creams or scrubs you use to exfoliate skin, deliver deep hydration and work on wrinkles or dark spots. Remember to treat the skin on your hands like your face. For more on that read our article, “Five Tips for Beautiful Hands."
  • Nail masks, yes tiny sheet masks you apply to each finger to deliver hydration to cuticles and repair nails.
  • Feet masks via booties that deliver hydration directly to your feet and help to reduce callouses and cracked heals. Some even come scented. Now doesn’t that sound like a nice way to relax with a glass of wine?
  • Hair masks have taken on a new form with caps that act like sheet masks and deliver hydration and repair.

So many masks, so little time. Think through your biggest skincare concerns and pick up a mask or two to give them a try. If you haven't added them already, we think masks will become a regular part of your ageless skincare routine!

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