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Dry Hair Got You Down This Winter?

dry hair got you down this winter zosia beauty

Ever look or feel your hair, and you just want to cut it all off? Don't stress - if your hair is feeling dry and looking brittle being aware of the typical causes and the simple steps you can take to correct it, can help get it in shape for Spring.

Too Much Hot Water

One of the most significant issues with hair and skin in the winter is the overuse of really hot water. Yes, a hot steamy shower or bath feels so good when it's cold outside, but continual use of hot water can dry out hair and skin. Shorten time in the shower and turn the temperature down.

Lots of Straightening

Straight or wavy hair is all the rage, and using a smoothing treatment may give you beautiful silky hair, but regular use can cause a build-up of protein that makes hair feel brittle. Heat from daily use of styling tools like blow drying and curling or flat irons is another cause which can strip hair of moisture and cause brittle split ends. Try going a day or two allowing your hair to air dry or skipping the heat tools altogether and use a texturizing styling cream to create a new look. Another option is to look into a wet/dry straightening iron which allows you to straighten your hair while damp eliminating the blow drying step. If you do opt to use hot irons, keep the temperature under 400 degrees.

Hormonal Changes Like Menopause

Hormonal changes such as menopause and pregnancy can be another culprit of dry hair (and skin!). While some of the dry hair remedies can help, if the problem is persistent see a doctor for prescriptive treatments. 

Advice from the Salon Pros

"Treat Your Hair Like Your Cashmere. Hair may not be alive like, say, skin cells, but you still have to treat it delicately."

Check out hair conditioning tips from salon pro's in Bee Sharpiro's article from the New York Times, "Dry Winter Hair Is the Worse." As she reminds us, your hair might not be alive, but it needs its treatments and seasonal adjustments too.

Read "How to 'Winterize' Your Skin" for more on beauty during the cold winter months.

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