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2018 Beauty Trends for Ageless Women

2018 Beauty Trends for Ageless Women Zosia Beauty

At Zosia, we never stop tracking new beauty ingredients and technologies. Since it’s the time of the year that we start getting questions about what trends to look for in the upcoming year, we’ve pulled together our favorites for ageless women.

Our Top Ten Beauty & Skincare Trends

  1. Clean beauty is the new natural. Natural and organic beauty products have been popular for some time, but the latest version of natural is clean beauty – formulas that utilize the best ingredients (from all sources) and eliminate all the harmful ones. It’s the best of nature + science and safety. Our favorite because it is our philosophy! Read about it here.
  2. Simplification leads to multi-tasking products. As beauty routines become simpler (do more with less), the need for multi-tasking products becomes essential. Everyone is pressed for time, so when a product can be used more than one way or combines ingredients that cover multiple benefits, everyone wins. For a great example - check out Zosia’s Power Boost Serum, made with 5 tested active ingredients and is a serum that can be used three different ways in your beauty routine.
  3. Healthy natural looking skin. This trend is all about bringing out your natural skin (at whatever age you are) and making it look as radiant as possible. Using skincare products to help you achieve a healthy, more natural complexion or using water weight foundations to show more skin and less makeup achieving a natural look.
  4. K-beauty moves to J-beauty. The Korean beauty trend (K-beauty) and its light textures, unusual ingredients and 15 steps - while still popular - gives way to J-beauty (Japanese) and its simple beauty based on the aesthetic principles of kanso, shibui and seijaku. 
  5. Bespoke skincare. It’s all about customization. Brands are offering personalized skin analysis and corresponding customized products. Others are offering products you can layer or mix at home. Any way you look at it, it's about customizing what works for you.
  6. Masks, masks, masks. The trend continues with all sorts of masks focused on specific benefits and forms. Look for particular applications such as masks that change form (power to gel or rubber), masks with built-in microneedles, eye patches and hand masks. Keep up that #SundayFacial!
  7. Treat your body like your skin. Being skincare fans, we love this trend. Why shouldn’t we have body serums or moisturizers with the same kind of benefits our skincare has?
  8. Pollution-fighting skincare. Yes, these products have been out there for a few years, but expect to see more of them as consumers become more aware of the environment, pollution levels and the damage it can do to their skin – free radicals! See our article “Free Radicals, Oxidation, AGEs & Antioxidants: What Does It All Mean?”
  9. Wellness and personalized self-care. The industry has long used the word “wellness” but with an increased consumer understanding of the connection between our physical selves and our internal selves, look for more content and products around helping you personalize your wellness. Meditation via an app? Diet for a healthy body and skin? Essential oils during yoga? Plant-based skincare? Consumers will start to define how they want to connect the various parts of their overall wellness and what products tie it together.
  10. Cause-related brands. In a world where there is so much need, consumers are seeking brands that not only create great products but give a portion of proceeds back to a good cause.

Want to Read More About Beauty Trends?

We’ve got all kinds of market research we can send you – wink, wink. Well we do, but that wouldn't be much fun to sift through, so instead, we’ve curated a list of links to popular beauty sources and their top trends.  These trends might not all be for you, but it’s fun to read!

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