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Opinion: It's Time to Redefine Beauty

Opinion: It's Time to Redefine Beauty zosia beauty

Anti-age - really?

Is it possible to stop the aging process? Not that last time we checked! Does a face without one line or imperfection represent beautiful? What color is beautiful hair...gray?

People are living longer than ever before. According to a report from the Brooking's Institute, in the 1960's, the average life expectancy was only in the upper 60's. Today it is in the mid 80's and there are many projections that show that number will continue to increase. We live in a different environment today; with advancements in medicine, and changes in our lifestyles and mentality all playing a part in how long we will live, and in what condition. So, it seems reasonable to ask, "why haven't we fully embraced every age, and every version of ourselves?"

The beauty and wellness industries love to focus on youth. They use youthful models, even if they are marketing a product for a customer that isn't 20 or 30 something; or seem to focus on developing new products focused only on younger generations. These marketing campaigns and products offer the promise of youth, or that somehow you need to "reset" or "restyle" yourself if you have had your 40th, 50th, 60th or beyond birthday.

But there is an alternative view; one where every birthday is a celebration of life, your experiences and accomplishments. A point of view where it’s OK to rock the latest cosmetics with a wrinkle, or that new outfit with your shimmering gray hair.

Yes, we all want to look as good as possible, and be as healthy as we can; but it is how we do it, and what we accept as beautiful that matters most. The media and the advertisements we see influence us a lot. We are being shown messages all the time about what is acceptable and what is not - on the morning news, on a billboard, in the subway or even at the doctor's office. When it comes right down to it, beauty is about being happy and feeling good about yourself. While you cannot stop the aging process, only you can define how you will approach beauty and what you will accept.

It is a choice we make, to live in a way that promotes looking and feeling our best. A choice that can and should involve using beauty products, exercising and eating right. But it also involves the right belief system; that “to have lived and experienced is good” and to celebrate that experience is even better. Women will continue to excel and accomplish more in life than ever before, and we need to take care of ourselves in a way that celebrates who we are. 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Zosia says, keep seeking the right products and lifestyle habits to enhance what you have, but embrace who you are, and start redefining beauty today!

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