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Three Skincare To-Do's Before Bed

Three Skincare To Do's Before Bed zosia beauty

Hopefully your mother made you wash your face before bed, and that stuck with you all these years later! That's a good thing.

Here are the top three things to do for your skin before bed.

1. Wash

You need to remove the makeup, dirt and environmental free radicals (like pollution) your skin has been exposed to throughout the day. Failing to do so can increase breakouts (yes, even at your age!) from the bacteria collected throughout the day. Leaving on old makeup can clog pores and hold free radicals (molecules known to cause oxidative damage to skin) on your face, which can break down collagen and cause wrinkles. So reach for your favorite gentle cleanser and wash that face.

2. Treat

Nighttime is the perfect time to apply a specialized serum or sleeping mask meant to rejuvenate your skin. There are a range of serums and masks available that focus on building collagen, evening skin tone and unclogging pores. During the night, there is less defense work (UV control, environment, etc.) for your skin to do, so restorative products applied during this time can work better. Look for treatments that boost your daily routine or work on specific concerns you have. 

3. Moisturize

Dry skin becomes a bigger issue as we age. Make a rule to never go to bed without putting a moisturizer on your face. This may be in addition to the treatment you use, or stand alone. Also, drink a glass of water before bed. It's an easy addition to any routine, and hydration for skin needs to come from both topical and internal sources. Hydration is one of the keys to youthful skin at any age.

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