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We Get You

Age does not dictate beauty, health or lifestyle. Women of all ages are beautiful. Zosia is dedicated to empowering ageless women (from 40 to 100) to stay active, look great and be true to yourself. Zosia offers the latest news, how to’s and products, helping you look, feel and live the best you can at the age you are. Being confident, self-assured and true to yourself while caring for your body, mind and beauty makes you the best version of you.

Our editorial contributors have years of experience researching and writing on all aspects of beauty, health and midlife; creating a destination for the latest information tailored to you. Our product experts understand how women age, and work to design products focused on specific beauty, health and lifestyle concerns that develop as women progress through life.

Our beauty products feature clean formulas, with modern textures that combine cutting-edge natural plant stem cell technology with advanced scientific actives. Our health and lifestyle products utilize top quality materials and modern design. We're busy developing many new products with launches planned throughout the year. Join the revolution below to get new product announcements right to your inbox.

Look, feel & live the best you can, at the age you are

Zosia is Born

In mythology, there is a Goddess named Zosia. She is confident, strong and beautiful. Nature loves her, and she often calls on its healing powers. She is a leader - strong and real, connected to her people as their protector. 

Zosia was given a female name as she represents all women who live well and have no plans to change. Confident women, who embrace who they are, and seek to live the best life they can at every age.  

Zosia loves life as much as the world loves her and understands that she must live her life well, and care for her body, mind and beauty.

She is Zosia, the beauty of living

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Our Founder

I created Zosia because I believe all women should embrace who they are; be confident, beautiful and healthy all their lives. So many women are working hard; taking caring of their families, building careers, volunteering, starting new businesses or traveling the world at 40, 50, 60 and beyond. I am one of them myself! Aging doesn’t mean what it once did. A life lived to its fullest, is a life well-lived.

After many years in the beauty and wellness industry, I realized there is a lack of focus on women 40 and beyond. Zosia was created to bring you a trusted resource for the latest information and products, tailored specifically for you.  

You are in control of your body, mind and beauty health. Be the best you can, at the age you are. Enjoy the "beauty of living" - take on the day, start something new, age is just a number.

     - Stephanie Miller

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